Remembering the Light:
How Dying Saved My Life

When Rose’s husband committed suicide at their home, she fell into a pit so deep and dark that medical professionals expressed doubts that she would ever fully recover.

Two years later, Rose was diagnosed with cancer, and during a “minor medical procedure,” she bled to death, and had no heart beat for 10+ minutes.

In heaven, she was told that if she agreed to return to earth, she’d be restored to good health, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Subsequent medical tests affirmed that every vestige of the disease was gone, but as Rose often says, the “bigger story” was the restoration of her soul. The crippling grief, occasioned by her husband’s suicide, was gone.

The story of Rose’s “temporary death experience” has garnered more than 3 million views on a wide variety of video platforms, including a recently released documentary (Life to Afterlife: 2). The prevalent comment shared by viewers is, “This is the best NDE story that I’ve ever heard.”